Michael PaulIn 2010, the domain IPAddress.com was acquired by the Internet pioneer Michael Paul for the potential he saw in it. Knowing that the IP address was the root of online connectivity, he envisioned a website that would serve as a global resource for visitors as the go to place for everything IP address related. And so it came to be with the official launch the following year.

What Mr. Paul saw has came to being as IPAddress.com continues it steady growth year after year. With tens of thousands of daily visitors, IPAddress.com has truly became the first choice for important and helpful IP tools, domain information, and more.

History of IPAddress.com

  1999 – domain registered

  Early 2010 – acquired by Michael Paul

  Late 2010 – website launched

  2013 – website traffic doubled

  2014 – IPAddress.com Network UG formed

We invite you to learn more the phenomenal growth that IPAddress.com has experienced and how it can help you and your business brand succeed through targeted advertising opportunities.