No More IP Addresses

News has came out that there are no more IP addresses as the organization called ARIN that assigns a IP address in North America stated that on Wednesday July 1 of 2015 there are no more available to be assigned.

This affects Version 4, or IPv4 for short. Your IP address connects you to the Internet and every device that wants to surf the web, play games, or work will require a connection.

The American Registry for Internet Numbers is a nonprofit regional organization that manages the assignments of IPs. It has since started a waiting list and the price has went up considerably high as the availability has dropped.

IPv4 has been in place for over 30 years and the original architects that designed the system never estimated the growth the Internet would see up until this point. The Internet shows no signs of stopping either.

Fear not, this event of running out of IP addresses in Version 4 will only fuel the grow of the new IPv6. We will never ever use all the IPs that are possible in IPv6 and we will never outgrow it.

The same was said with IPv4! Cheers to more growth of the IP address!