Security Pros Count on a IP Address API in 2017

2017 shows that security professionals are hard at work tracing hackers all over the world. Professionals continue to lean on a IP address API as part of their tools to find and eliminate cyber threats to their networks and servers.

The Los Angeles Times recently released an article documented how hacking will grow bolder in 2017.

Hackers will grow increasingly bold in 2017

With 1.5 billion breached Yahoo accounts coming to light, 2016 was a banner year for computer hacking. Experts say 2017 won’t be any better.

– David Lazarus, LA Times Contact Reporter


Does your organization have a plan for tracking the geolocation of where the threats it faces are coming from? Network UG offers a professional solution for the security industry that is already used by many in government, media, and agencies.

It’s time to take a look at what a IP location API will do for your protection.